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NEW! Turn your chain truck into a strap truck and load on the ground!

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December 2008 Newsletter

The big news this month is that there are two new options for auto transport companies that need to strap their loads. Boydstun has a new flat-loading cylinder unit out that now comes with straps (video below!). If you're not quite ready to buy a new truck, there is now a proven retro-fit out on the market. Also, there are actually companies expanding in this crazy economy. If you've been thinking about making a switch, now might actually be a very good time!

12/05/08 This just in-- right as we were ready to finalize this month's issue of the E-zine, we got a call from Andrea West, owner of West Coast Enterprises. They are liquidating their entire inventory. This is a must-sell event for them. In all seriousness, this could be a chance-in-a-lifetime for you to get some of the best equipment in the world below cost! This is NOT sales hype. This is NOT a “bait-and-switch”. It's NOT a cheesy gimmick. The floor plan for this kind of equipment costs thousands of dollars. They have to get rid of these units now. Scroll down to see an example of the pricing on VIN# Z23973.


Featured Equipment: Boydstun's New Cylinder Strap Unit!

Boydstun took the best from their strap trucks and combined it with the best from their cylinder quick loaders and came up with the best of both worlds.

Convert your chain unit to a strap unit?

Yes, we can!” That's what they're saying down in Jacksonville, FL.

    About a year ago, Walter Frobos at T&C Welding started talking about the need to convert chain trucks over to strap. Walter was working for the big Toyota hauler down in Jacksonville when Toyota made the switch to strap, so he's forgotten more than most people will ever know about strapping down cars. Walter's team figured out a way to convert units from chain to strap, they also figured out a way to modify C10, C12 or C14 trailers so you can load them from ground level!

This is great news for all the guys who are hauling “strap-only” vehicles like Toyota, VW, Mercedes, etc. If you've got a manufacturer saying that you've got to have a system that allows you to load from the ground, this is a great way to get the value out of your old equipment that's still got some life in it.

And the votes are in!

T&C has already completed 40 of these strap truck retro-fits. They've been out for around six months without a lick of trouble.

You can buy the complete lowering system plus the embedded strap boxes, or you can just buy the lowering system, and continue using your hand ratchet straps. The lowering set-up runs about $5,500 and can be completed in about four days.

Want more information? Call 904-778-7711 and ask about the Flat Foot Safety System.


OVER 10 to choose from! Chain units & Strap Units!! Special pricing is for all 2007 Western Stars. Certain restrictions apply. (Sorry, no trades).

Tired of dealers playing games? We actually publish our prices!


NEW! 2007 Western Star with 2008 Boydstun Quickloader: $200,000 Includes F.E.T.!

Adverse business conditions are forcing West Coast Enterprises to liquidate all trucks currently in inventory. All new trucks and trailers will be discounted a minimum of $10,000. Some trucks will be discounted more than $20,000. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime buying opportunity. If you need new equipment, you will never pay less for it than right now. Just don't sit on the sidelines too long... the market has never seen prices this low, and these units will sell. Financing plans are still available. For immediate consideration, please call: 800-576-7287.

Jobs from the Autohauler Shopper

The following companies are advertising in our Jobs section:

Pacific Auto Transport needs company drivers and owner ops for 11 western states.

Wrightway Transport needs company drivers with experience going over the mountains.

Tonne Transport needs a company driver for OTR.

Personal Touch Auto Transport is looking for an experienced driver.

MPG Trucking is offering up to $2.00 per mile!

Need Drivers? Click here to place an ad on the Autohauler Shopper website.

Repair shops we've heard good things about

As always, Auto Transport Repair up in Seattle. Randy could fix these things in his sleep!

Down in Fontana, California, you've got a bunch of places: Chris's Welding, Jake Young's, JM Trailer, and of course Paul Lugo. A bit further south in Santa Fe Springs, CA is Ruben's Auto Transport Repair.

On the east side, you've got our buddy Walt over at T&C Welding in Jacksonville, Benny at Northeast Auto Truck Brokers in Alabama.

And don't forget our friends over in Ft. Worth: Texas Trailer Masters! John and Christi have been building up a huge car hauler repair business over there over the last couple years, to the point where they've actually had to hire on some additional mechanics and welders. (See their ad on the left-hand side.)

For a more complete list of shops that work on car haulers, visit our Service Directory.

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