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  • Slide N Glide Graphite Gallon (Case of 4)
    ($124.95) Protect your investment with Slide N Glide Graphite. Sold by the case only. Gallons come four to a case. DRIES TO THE TOUCH IN 10 MINUTES! (allow 2 hours curing time, before operating under full, weighted load.) THIS IS THE BEST PRODUCT ON THE MARKET, AND IT'S ALSO ONE OF OUR BEST PRODUCTS FOR REPEAT BUSINESS! Customers who did their research says we have more graphite vs solvent than other similar products they tested...

  • The Big Red Height Stick (15ft)-Version 2
    ($139.95) It's big. It's red (somewhat orange), and it's now improved even more!
    This is the latest version of the AutoHauler Supply designed best selling height measuring stick.
    The V2 comes with a new arm bracket, making it "double sided", for right hand or left hand use!

    This 15 ft height pole with 4 ft horizontal swing arm features the strongest hardware and the thickest fiberglass tubes.

    Best of all, it collapses down to 4' 5" long, making it the easiest height stick to store! (Another AutoHauler Supply first: make height sticks in 4 sections instead of 3, to make them easier to store. We see that the other companies are now copying this idea too, just a few years later!)

    Comes with a double sided durable hinge and wing screw, to make it the sturdier, simpler (fewer parts that can break) solution, and our faster to snap in place white nylon buttons.

    A nice heavy duty nylon storage bag is also included.
    This is the original 4 stage REDSTICK invented by AutoHaulerSupply, with laser engraved numbers.

  • 20 Foot (Heavy Duty) Height Measuring Stick w 4 Foot Arm

    This is the 20 ft version of our popular Big Red Height Stick. Laser engraved numbers that won't rub off, heavy duty snap buttons, strongest hardware and thickest fiberglass tubes. 5 vertical sections collapsing down to just 57 inches. Heavy duty nylon storage bag included. (Many thanks to IHLE Transport out of IA, for letting us take the picture of their trailer with tractor on it.)

  • 27 Foot (Heavy Duty) Height Measuring Stick w 4 Foot Arm
    ($249.95) 27 Foot (Heavy Duty) Telescoping Height Measuring Stick w 4 Foot Arm collapses down to less than 65" , and bottom tube is around 2.25" in diameter.

  • 4 x 30 cargo strap with flat hook (Box of 10)
    ($89.00) 4" x 30 foot cargo strap with flat hook. Features insert in hook to help protect against premature wear. 5400 lbs WLL Price is for BOX of 10

  • Big Orange Double J Wire Hook Ratchet Wheel Strap, HD Ratchet (Box of 8)
    ($135.60) 10 ft ratchet wheel strap made of 18,000 lb webbing with double J wire hook sewn to end, one idler, 3 rubber tread grabs, blocker stitching to keep them sliding around too much, plus a New SUPER DUTY ratchet handle attached to a wire hook with webbing. 2,500 LB WLL (Box of 8)

  • Carhauler Strap and Ratchet with Double J Wire Hooks--Box of 10
    ($169.50) 2,666 LB WLL. Includes 3 rubber tread grabs, all metal ratchet handle, spacers to position tread grabs properly.
    Use SKU:RD-R5110WH/RB-C, if you want other color strap!

  • 10ft Double J hook BLACK HANDLE Ratchet Wheel Strap --10 Pack
    ($159.50) Box of 10 BLACK HANDLE ratchet wheel straps with narrow double J wire hooks to fit punch plate decking on Cottrell, Boydstun, Wally Mo, Take 3 and Delavan trailers. Features 3 rubber tread grabs, sewn spacers to keep rubbers in place on the tire. FEATURES NEW HEAVY DUTY "BLACK HANDLE" RATCHET. 1,666 lbs safe WLL

  • Big Orange Swivel J Ratchet Wheel Strap, HD Ratchet (Box of 8)
    ($159.60) 10 foot ratchet wheel straps with swivel J hooks. (Box of 8). These straps made of 18,000 lb webbing with swivel J hook sewn to end, one idler, 3 rubber tread grabs, blocker stitching to keep them sliding around too much, plus a New SUPER DUTY ratchet handle attached to a swivel J hook with webbing. 3700 LB WLL tag.

  • Carhauler Strap and Ratchet with Swivel J Hooks--Box of 8
    ($156.88) Box of 8 Premium 2" x 10' (10' straps plus ratchets) Auto Hauler Ratchet assembly with Swivel Hooks on each end and a single floating Swivel Hook. Strap is constructed of 12,000 lb. polyester webbing, and one heavy duty Short Wide Handle Ratchet Buckle with three sliding adjustable rubber blocks to secure each tire. USA made. 3,333 LB WLL

    Use SKU:RD-R5110SSJH/RBx8-C for color options!

  • 10 ft Diamond Weave ratchet wheel strap with swivel J hooks -Colors
    ($24.95) NEW: buy 100, get free shipping! Made with the patented Blue Diamond Weave auto tie-down strap. Features single swivel J hooks, three rubber tread grabs and one inch strap sewn into blocking pattern to keep the rubber tread grabs from moving around too much. Did you know the main reason why Blue Diamond Weave received patent protection is because its tighter weave pattern demonstrated five times the abrasion resistance in laboratory tests? No, this doesn't mean you can run over these straps repeatedly... they can still be cut! But they have reinforced fibers woven into the edges and used properly, we expect these will last longer. Also features the new, improved heavy-duty ratchet. Once you try this ratchet, you won't want to work with anything else.

  • Big Orange Lasso Strap 8 ft (Box of 30)
    ($139.80) Box of 30 8 foot lasso straps with steel ring. 3,000 LB WLL. This wheel strap is for side mount trailers like Quality, Kaufman, Take-3, etc.

  • 10 ft Big Orange Auto Tie Down Strap to Fit Small Hole Decks (Box of 8)
    ($199.60) Features extra heavy webbing, and upgraded ratchet handle. Dog leg hook is designed to go into car trailers with small deck holes like Sun Valley, Sun Country and Miller Trailer.
    Will not work with every small hole trailer. We recommend holes to be at least the size of a dime, for these hooks to work!

    Also, please be aware that these straps will not work where the ramps slide under the decking! There might not enough clearance for hooks to go around the bend and hook correctly!

  • Big Orange Lasso Strap w/HD Ratchet and Flat Hook, 10 ft (Box of 12)
    ($167.40) BRAND NEW- NOW WITH FLATHOOK RATCHETS! (you asked and here it is...)
    Box of 12ea 10 foot lasso straps with steel ring and new Heavy Duty ratchet handle with Flat Hook. 3,000 LB WLL.
    This wheel strap is for side mount trailers with a rubrail and stake pockets, like Take-3, etc.

  • Horizontal E track Wheel Strap 10ft w (Low Profile Roller Idler x3)
    ($38.97) Our Premium Wheel strap for for use on Horizontal style E-track...This car tie-down wheel strap has a roller idler (Not pictured in main photo, see additional pictures) for horizontal E-track behind the three rubber tread grabs. Tread Grabs held in place by 4 sewn stoppers. The Strap also uses these idlers on each end, to keep the strap flat and without twists. 2000 LB working load limit. This is one rugged E track strap.

  • 15 FT Replacement Diamond Weave WH Wheel strap- Options
    ($10.98) 15ft Double-J Wire Hook.
    These 15 footers are great as replacement straps for Strap Trucks with built in ratchet boxes. Can also be used with regular ratchet handle if an extra long strap is desired.
    Features extra heavy duty Diamond Weave webbing, with the option to add either three rubber tread cleats, or 4 stoppers to keep the tread cleats from sliding around too much.
    If you want both Rubber Cleats and Stoppers, order the complete strap SKU: SS-S-2x15WH-RCS-DW
    See the Dropdown menu for Options!
    2,000 LB WLL
    No ratchet handle included!

  • Big Orange Swivel J Wheel Strap ver 3 (Box of 15)
    ($204.60) Box of 15ea 12ft replacement wheel straps with swivel J hooks. 3700 LB WLL. Works great for strap trucks with built-in strap ratchet boxes or for hand ratchet wheel straps. This is version 3 of our line of replacement wheel straps with swivel J hook. Features a close-fitting roller sleeve to prevent strap wear and an extra heavy-duty bracket.
    No ratchet handle included!

  • 2" x 150ft Conspicuity DOT Tape 6" Red/6"White
    ($64.95) DOT TAPE Our reflective conspicuity markings are designed to enhance visibility and detection. This is achieved by marking the sides of the vehicle . Our retro-reflective markings consist of an even, smooth, Transparent exterior film with retro-reflective elements, this is embedded beneath the film therefore it forms a non-exposed retro-reflective optical system. The conspicuity markings are backed with pressure - sensitive adhesive and polyethylene coated paper liner. If the product is applied to a correctly prepared surface, our conspicuity markings should provide 7 years of field performance. Meet and exceed coefficient of retro-reflection required by FMVSS 108 measured in agreement with ASTM E-810. DOT Certified

  • 2" x 60ft Anti slip Tape Black
    ($14.88) The material has a permanent self adhesive, plastic base and is coated with extremely tough, diamond hard aluminium oxide. The anti slip capability of our standard anti slip grip tape (coefficient of friction) exceeds all legal requirements. The anti slip capability of our standard anti slip grip tape (coefficient of friction) exceeds all OSHA and Mil-spec requirements. 60 grit.

  • 8ft loading ramps (Pair of 94" x15" x3.25") - Shipping Included
    ($559.95) Pair of straight ramps with hook top and knife foot, 94 in length, 15 in width, 3.25 inch thickness, weighs 35 lb each, 5000 lb capacity per axle, 8500 lb capacity per vehicle, load height-16"-24"
    Not recommended for Take3 or Big Tex Trailers that need a thinner ramp to fit the storage compartment. If you need the thinner ramps, please order SKU: DR-94x15-04-LP-05

  • Under Truck Inspection Mirror with Flash light
    ($89.95) Light weight, 12" convex mirror, perfect for under cargo inspection. Comes complete with clip and flashlight.

  • Swivel E-Track Idler Strap- Ratchet Handle with 6M RINGS
    ($26.86) E-Track Wheel strap with a Swivel-Idler in the middle, and O-Ring E-Track connectors on both ends.
    Features 10ft long end with three rubber tread grabs and stoppers.
    Ratchet handle and long end, fastens down securely to e-track via heavy duty 6M "Bull Ring" style e-track idler.

  • 10ft Universal E-Track Low Profile Ratchet Wheel Strap- 10 pack
    ($259.50) Box of 10 ea BLACK HANDLE ratchet wheel straps with E-Track connectors for both Vertical and Horizontal E-Track.

  • 2" x 30' replacement winch strap with double J wire hook Diamond Weave
    ($15.49) This is the best replacement strap you can buy. 2" x 30' with 10K wire hook. 3333lbs safe working load limit.

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