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Mid-Michigan Trucking company for sale My loss is your gain! $250,000.00  MI
Thanks for taking a minute to look at this once in a lifetime business oppertunity! Health reasons force this sale, I am going back into the Hospital for a week June 11th and my wife say's sell it!!! she can not help me and oversee our business?? Here is the deal! (6) Six well maintained, good looking nice quick loader car carriers, all unit's match white tractors blue or black trailers, all tired up, they run well! two with new inframes chains replaced on a daily basis, These trucks you can dispatch them today You are not buying a fleet you'll spend $20,000 on the first week! 2000 Freightliner single axle one car head rack 2001 Miller 53' Trailer 240K miles 1999 Sterling single axle one car head rack 1999 Miller 53'trailer 300K miles 1998 International tandem axle sleeper with an awesome 1999 Dailor 53x102 trailer able to haul six full size trucks 600K 1998 Volvo single axle sleeper was a show truck, polished wheels, Nice! 1999 Wally Mo 53' trailer 700K 1998 Ford Areo Max single axle sleeper 1999 53' Sun Valley trailer 780K 1996 Volvo single axle 300K 1998 Wally Mo 6 car trailer This is a turn key business! walk in answer the phone make money today!! The Scope of our operation is the mid west area, we run 4 trucks in the state two trucks through out the midwest, All trucks run daily!! Biz is very ,Very Good!! We Pick up lease turn ins through out the midwest for GMAC and Honda Credit We haul direct for most of the major auto auctions, many new car dealerships! we haul mostly used cars,not new not many B lot's (used dealers) We bill cutomers net 10 most pay within 30 days We take an owners draw of $1500 weekly we pay the bills and there is usually $5000-$10,000. per month net. we average $70,000 low to $160,000 high per month in sales We have enough business that we could add 3-5 more trucks! If you have a long haul operation this short haul operation would compliment your operation our customers would like us to travel farther? Here's is the deal! I have over $600,000 invested! I will sell everything for a very firm $250,000 That buy's all the trucks all the trailers the name, the intra-state MPSC authority, the MC interstate authority, all the customer 's the desk's the file cabinets, the phone numers, the fax machine's the copier, ect.... You do not have to spend $1 on anything walk in make money today!! The best part is our location It took years to pull this deal together we are right next door to a major Auto Auction we transport 30-60 vehicles a week from there . we have a 100' long building able to pull the longest tractor trailer rig inside for service, apartment upstairs, nice office main floor building less than 3 years old! lot's of parking for trucks and staging cars..... The lease on the Property is a very low $2500 net per month I am going to stay on the property operating my car dealership helping you anyway I can !! We have a great Dispatcher, office manager mechanic's all willing to stay and roll up there sleeves and help you follow out my dream! Please do not come into our business without an appointment Contact me: Pete 517-202-7207 or direct questions to [email protected]

Location: Dimondale, MI

P.J.'s Auto Transport Contact advertiser
Pete Daly
6874 Lansing rd.
Dimondale, MI, 48821
Phone: 517-646-6400
Fax: 517 646-6404

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